I learned from the choreographer Yvonne Meier that to conceive of a score as an instruction that is given in such a way so that the body and its movement are exposed as a semantic problem.

The score addresses the performer through the language of intention. In other words, a score cannot tell a performer what to do so much as what to intend to do. And yet, scores are as expendable to performers as performers are to scores. The two cycle through one another, any solving of any score is ultimately provisional.

Attached is a PDF with a number of scores I produced between 2001 – 2018. Some were created for dances, others in response to mistakes and problems in performance, some were methods of rehearsal and generation, some were ways out of rehearsal, some replaced definitive movement with systems of relation, etc.

In PDF format:

Drury Scores


Photo by Ian Douglas of performance for Movement Research at the Judson Church   ‘sleep. die, awake, do, water, be, decide, play, die, do, nothing ever,’ with Stuart Phillips,  2009.

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