I am my Shitty Little Box


shitty little box

Performed at the Movement Research Fall Festival 2011 at St. Mark’s Church.

The piece is improvisational. It’s structure as follows:

Walk out on stage, look at the audience, and choose a person you imagine it would be interesting to become.

Describe that person in detail as you move toward them. Begin with the facts of how they look, what they’re wearing, how they’re sitting. Progress to impressions, judgments, and assumptions. Continue to how you imagine them to feel.

Swap clothes with them. Choose the items you think most intimate to them. Tread what you perceive to be the edge of their comfort zone, what you think will most allow them to imagine you have placed some aspect of who they are on your own body. You must take their socks and shoes.

Perform a dance in their clothes. Perform this dance as a portrait of them and as a gift to them.

Find a way with them to change back to your own clothes.

Sit in their chair and wait for them to perform a gift back to you. Allow them to create the ending to the performance with this act.

Video Documentation: http://vimeo.com/41158430

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