Having Been Done Already

Directed/Administered Academic Conferences

Beyond Heteronormative Structures and Spaces, Berlin, July 2022
Examining the Interlocking Dimensions of Discrimination in Academia and Establishing Intersectional Feminism in the Archives.
Diversity Training with orchi lohani and Robel Afeworki Abay. Co-organised with Sima Ehrentraut, Samira Spatzek, and Nina Tolksdorf (EXC 2020) in cooperation with Karina Rocktäschel (SFB 1171 Affective Societies) and EXC 2020’s Diversity AG. 

Archival Echoes, Berlin, February 2022
A transdisciplinary workshop in collaboration with the 90’x collective
Co-organized with Sima Ehrentraut.

Depth of Field: Decolonisation and the Grounds of Art(istic) Research, Berlin, November 2021
With invited presenters Luiza Prado, Muhktara Yusuf, Dani D’Emilia, and others.
Workshop Organizer. Hosted by the Cluster of Excellence “Temporal Communities”.

Körper in Gemeinschaft (Body in Community), Berlin, November 2021 
Organizer of a panel on Afro-Pessimism and Decolonisation with dance scholar and artist Mlondi Zondi.

Decolonization Workshop Series: Practices of Unsettling   Berlin September 2021
Programmed within the 25th Digital Research in Humanities and Arts Conference co-organized by Drury with Ramona Mosse and Christian Stein. Conference hosted by the Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activity” at the Humboldt University and in collaboration with the Cluster of Excellence “Temporal Communities”.

What is the Digital Doing? A Workshop in the Interface Berlin, November 2020
Co-organized with Nina Tolksdorf. Digital workshop hosted online and supported by the Cluster of Excellence “Temporal Communities”.

Begin with an Object: Matters of Representation           Canterbury, October 2017
Conference Co-organized with Renu Abraham, Liam Benison, Lot Brouwer and Angana Moitra.
Funded by the Erasmus Mundus PhD consortium program “Text and Event in Early Modern Europe” and hosted by the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Selected Performance Works

When is a House?   Berlin, March 2017 — Present
Paginated performance research project in collaboration with Joël Verwimp.

Isomorph-Droste   New York City, February 2019
Virtual Reality dance performance work in collaboration with Matthew D. Gantt. Performed at Pioneer Works.

Atelierhaus Droste                 Berlin, June 2018
Virtual Reality dance performance work in collaboration with Matthew D. Gantt. Researched and performed during the “School of Continual Education” at the former Australian Embassy of East Berlin. Developed at Theatrehaus Mitte, Berlin.

Against Forensics           Berlin, June 2016
Collaboration with Johanna Gilje performed at Theaterdiscounter.

Real Virtual IKEA           Portland, Oregon, December 2015
Virtual Reality dance performance research in the virtual IKEA Kitchen with the Portland Immersive Media Group at Xhurch. 

House Music           Berlin and Helsinki, December 2014 — June 2015
Mechanical dance work made in collaboration with No Collective. Developed and performed at Kulturraum Mainzer 7, Berlin and CARPA4 (Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts) at the  University of Helsinki. 

Aftermath         Brooklyn, November 2014
Dance for instruction, live performance, and camera performed at Cora Dance for their Groundwork Festival.

Vesna’s Fall New York City, North Carolina, Puebla (Mexico), 2012 — 2014
Scored sculptural dance work made in collaboration with No Collective. Performed at Queens Museum, {(Re)}Happening Festival (NC) Performática Festival (Mexico), and Movement Research at the Judson Church.

Any Size Mirror is a Dictator     New York City, 2012 — 2014
Opera made in collaboration with Panoply Lab. Performed at Momenta Art, Gibney Dance, and Chashama. 

Run Little Girl      New York City, 2012
Ensemble piece performed at the Cunningham Studio, NYC.

I am my Shitty Little Box      New York City, 2011
Solo created for the Movement Research Fall Festival. Curated by Ishmael Houston Jones, performed at Danspace NYC. 

Selected Works Performed

Immaculate Conception by No Collective and Ensemble Mise-En, Brooklyn, January 2016

An Evening of Works by Ellen C. Covito, 18-m Salon, Berlin, November 2014

If I Tell Myself… created by Diana Crum, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, September, 2012

Performance Installation by Megan Byrne, Brooklyn Museum’s GO, Brooklyn, September, 2012

Scores of Yvonne Meier, duet with Arturo Vidich, New Museum, NYC, July 2012

The Works of Ellen C. Covito presented by No Collective, Vaudeville Park, NYC, May 2012

Scores of Yvonne Meier, American Dance Festival, duet with Jesse Zarritt, Durham, July 2011

H to Oh by Pele Bausch Chocolate Factory, NY, November 2010

Mapa/Corpo by La Pocha Nostra. Pickle Company Arts Space, Salt Lake City, March, 2007

Beseeching on You Own Behalf by Cynthia Oliver, University of Utah Salt Lake City, November, 2006

Curatorial Projects

Visual Echoes, Berlin, 2021-2022
Co-organized with Sima Ehrentraut, an online exhibition presenting the work of the 90’x Collective of Tbilisi, Georgia. Hosted and funded by EXC 2020 “Temporal Communities”.

Zugetextet – Literatur als intermediale Praxis, Berlin, 2021
English title: “Aural Annotations – Literature as an Intermedia Practice”. Cluster of Excellence “Temporal Communities” exhibition developed for Humboldt Labor by Dustin Breitenwischer, Anna Degler, Lindsey Drury, Simon Godart, Petra Wodtke and Jasmin Wrobel. 

Chloë Bass: This is a Film, Berlin January 2019
Curator, organizer of the Association for Performance Artists-Berlin presentation of Chloë Bass at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik.

Matters of Act in 4 Acts, Berlin & Cyprus, March 2017 — April 2017
Already Not Yet Press performance series and book publication events. Performed at Grüntaler 9: A Space Toward the Performative, Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI), Museum of Unheard (of) Things (Museum der Unerhörten Dinge), and Kourion Ancient Greek Theatre (Cyprus). Including Roland Albrecht, Aevi Gluzman, Johanna Gilje, Teena Lange, Jöel Verwimp, Natália da Silva Perez, Lindsey Drury, You Nakai, among others.

Post-Dance Series, Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival Brooklyn, 2012
Curator, organizer, host. Performances by Talya Epstein, Lorene Bouboushian, Kaia Gilje (NYC), Kathinka Walter (Germany/UK), Zen-go (Megumi Kamimura, Shinichi Takashima, Japan), Antibody Corporation (Adam Rose,José Hernandez, Andrew Braddock), and an event (TAB) by Stephanie Browne and Kay Ottinger. Hosted by Grace Exhibition Space, JACK, and Brooklyn Fireproof.

Rites of Democracy, La Pocha Nostra Workshop, Performance, and Reading.          Salt Lake City, 2007
Curator, organizer, host. With Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Roberto Sifuentes, and Violeta Luna. Supported by the Pickle Company, Salt Lake City Film Center, TRASA Urban Arts Collective, the Student Association for Collaboration in the Arts and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan. 

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