Atelierhaus Droste

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Produced in collaboration with Matthew Gantt, Atelierhaus Droste is a virtual reality (VR) environment first presented as a performance-based workshop created for the School of Continual Education in Berlin (April 7 – 8, 2018). The VR environment replicates a studio within the Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft Ost on many scales, and consequently produces a Droste effect of one room in the Atelierhaus. As the participants engaged with, altered, and re-formulated the spatial replication, they further renegotiated the dissonance between the tangible Atelierhaus and its Virtual replicant.

The work is a part of a series Gantt titled An Echoic Chamber. Each VR space for this series is designed to (both spatially and interactively) intermix real and virtual traces and thus throw the embodied participant into an engagement with the very gap between the two.

Atelierhaus Droste: VR and the unreliable narration of sight


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